As Smiths Station Alabama’s premiere fine arts destination, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has served the greater Chattahoochee Valley and surrounding region as a Center for Cultural Arts for ten years.

As we begin a new season filled with milestone celebrations, we look back in retrospect. We reflect upon the path that has been forged and look ahead toward a new horizon, and with new opportunities we explore ways to pioneer more.

This year began with incomparable opportunities in which we endeavored to research, learn and develop new ways to offer more. Through conversations with area educators, councilors and community leaders we found Creative Solutions to assist us in addressing cultural needs within our community and beyond.

The Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Scholarship for Continued Fine Art Education [referenced in previous blog-entry] served as the catalyst initiating a greater realm of activism. It has become more than we could’ve dreamed. The act of answering a need, by providing elected area school children with a Fine Art Education has in turn provided local schools, principals, councilors and teachers with the opportunity to offer Cultural Involvements to their students and faculty. And by extension, this provision of cultural need has provided support to a local independent self-sustaining business.

The City of Smiths Station, and the Mayor’s office have been extraordinary cheerleaders, providing encouragement and additional platform to the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art’s continuing philanthropic endeavors. This relationship between our independent businesses, the City of Smiths Station and area institutions of education have woven threads which render us all more sustainable.

It is with immense gratitude to our community, friends, patrons and supporters of the arts that the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art proudly introduces our recently revised logo, encompassing the mission of all that is mentioned above.

To learn more about the Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Program’s ongoing involvement within our participating local schools, we invite you to explore the additional pages of this site, as well as our social media pages.

To learn more about the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art’s collaboration with area educators to provide Continued Fine Art Education to those in need through Scholarship, see the recent blog entry reference, in addition to past blog [Sarah.]

To learn more about the continued contributions to and partnership with the City of Smiths Station including the Smiths Station City Hall Art Galleries, visit Smiths Station City Hall during regular hours, open daily- Monday-Friday.

Stay tuned for news on the return of Art Walks, a CTV Beam television production, a Cultural Arts Outreach Extension of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art.

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