WSSES Smiths Station Strong

#Smiths Station Strong | a special exhibition opens at the Alabama State Capitol. During the months of April -May 2019 visitors to the Alabama State Capitol will have the opportunity to view an art work installation curated by the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts, featuring nearly 900 paintings created by students and educators of West Smiths Station Elementary School during the week of their return to school following the Lee County Storms (March 3rd.)

As a Cultural Arts Enrichment Outreach Endeavor, founders of the Cultural Arts Center in Smiths Station assembled a group of volunteers from among their Studio Students. These volunteer graciously offered to lend a hand, accompanying local art mentors in providing the healing gift of art, via art activities for every child attending WSSES during their first days of school.

This unique installation represents every child as an integral part of the Smiths Station community in Lee County Alabama. Although many lost homes and belongings, every child returned school, and was given a paint brush, providing them with the opportunity to paint peaceful, grieve loss, and share our unifying hope for better days.

#Smiths Station Strong | a WSSES exhibition at the Alabama State Capitol, Historic Supreme Court Chamber, is made possible through collaboration involving the Alabama Historic Commission, Alabama State Capitol Tours, Alabama State Representative District 38 Debbie Wood, the City of Smiths Station Alabama, The Mayor’s Office- Honorable Mayor F.L. Bubba Copeland of Smiths Station, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art A Center for Cultural Arts, Chef Robin White, Lee County Schools, West Smiths Station Elementary School and more…