Virginia Cole Veal had a love for art from an early age. In 1946 as a student at the University of Georgia, she studied under the instruction of Lamar Dodd. Virginia, a native Georgian, was a graduate of South Georgia College in Douglas. Private art instructors, among others included, Ralf Jackson, Ben Shute, Anoudia Canaday. Virginia was a member of VWG and attended the Dorothy Williamson Worth Critique Group and has participated in the collective publications of that group with poetry and cover design.

Virginia received numerous awards in art and poetry from various organizations, AWC, and GPS. She served as President of the Atlanta Branch of NLAPW for three years as well as State Association president.

Virginia conveyed both appeal and emotion in her artwork through a style of abstract impressionism. Her mediums were oil, acrylic, and brush and ink. She captures mood and pathos by strategic use of color, form, shape, and in poetry, by searching for “just the right word” to depict a certain mood or impression.

Virginia’s paintings hang in many offices and in private collections.

The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art is proud to present as a part of Sarah West’s private collection, the works of Virginia Cole Veal. Special thanks to William Veal, who made this possible.

Please contact the gallery for more information on the artwork or poetry by Virginia Cole Veal.