The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art and resident artists Sarah West & Michele West are contributing supporters of arts, cultural, historic,  and agricultural preservation. As advocates for sustainability and stronger and healthier communities, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art and associated artists assist in raising awareness and supporting charitable causes. The featured images herein capture efforts made in support of various educational and outreach organizations through art within the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art.

In the Summer of 2014, artists of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art learned of the extraordinary works of the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm of Concord, NC. In an effort to raise awareness meanwhile providing the farm with sustainabilty as they transitioned into a non-profit educational, agricultural outreach organization, artists of the gallery stepped into to lend a helping hand. Visiting the farm on many occassions has not only built sustaining friendships but has also taught our artists much; inspiring more to Grow Local, Shop Local, Eat Local and Support Local. Due to the generous support of Scott Avett and the Avett Brothers fanbase, it was decided that this was a way Sarah West’s paintings depicting the band might be put to the best use for doing the most good. With refusal to profit from her original renderings of the Avett Brothers, she offered to make them available to the public with 100% of proceeds from works sold going straight to the effort to Save Lomax Farm. With the consent of the band, Sarah West painted 5 portrait paintings, each depicting Scott Avett, Seth Avett, Bob Crawford & Joe Kwon. In addition to the Avett Brothers paintings, Sarah West and Michele West made contributions of a number of original works and archival prints to benefit the farm through the Barnraiser Save Lomax Farm campaign. The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art continues a relationship of contributing support and further education through the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm and Carolina Farm Stewards Association.

In addition to the images documenting efforts illustrated above, the album herein also features a photo journal of Sarah West’s ongoing endeavors in home organic gardening. She maintains a friendship with the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm of Concord, North Carolina, attends Farming/Gardening educational events to further her knowledge and success in the field all the while continuing to collaborate and contribute efforts to Growing Local Sustainability at home and everywhere.