The Bluegrass Sweethearts, presented by The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art

Art extends beyond the visual. Intertwined are the worlds of Visual Art, Written Word, Music Composed and more. Passed down through the centuries, each yield themselves to preservation, and conservation of our rich and diverse history. Our history, we feel should be shared and properly preserved for future generations. As owner of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, I am delighted to announce our Second Annual Cultural Arts Enrichment,.. Read More

Writing to Remember

Writing to Remember “I write to remember,” these resonant words were spoken by author, Lee Smith at a recent book signing. Just weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending her lecture at the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum. Among stories shared complimenting her memoir, Dimestore, she told buoyantly of her days in Grundy, Virginia. Through these stories she captured fond recollections of her childhood, family and hometown region.  .. Read More

Doc & Merle Watson Museum to exhibit the artwork of Sarah West

Doc & Merle Watson Museum to feature the artwork of Sarah West at Historic Cove Creek School of Sugar Grove, NC 2016 Doc & Rosa Lee Watson MusicFest ‘N Sugar Grove July 15th & 16th, 2016 It is a sincere honor to announce that Sarah West has accepted invitation to exhibit within the Doc & Merle Watson Museum at the historic Cove Creek School in Sugar Grove, North Carolina. In.. Read More

In Studio with Sarah West, Painting Performance

The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art presents In Studio with Sarah West    Painting Performance Presentation ” there is nothing that I enjoy quite as much as inspired, fruitful conversation amongst progressive spirits. To share each person’s process and individual evolution is to inspire growth within others. I find great joy in sharing my work only that by doing so, my ambition to inspire further discovery through intense exploration.. Read More

the Water’s Edge

the Water’s Edge Allow your heart to smile today. Let peace and tranquility renew your spirit. Stand in the sunlight and immerse yourself in its energy. Surrender to the magnetic pull which draws upon your senses. Listen to the voice which guides you steadfast towards your appointed destination. Approach each step with gratitude and unbridled enthusiasm. Drink from the well that quenches your thirst and sail upon the winds propelled.. Read More

Life Form- Visual Arts: Painting & Drawing Program

Life Form Visual Arts: Painting & Drawing Program The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art presents Life Form, a Visual Arts: Painting & Drawing Program to encourage the furtherance of artistic growth among artists with aspirations to capture representations of life form within their work through studies with life model. The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art offers Life Form Studies as an extension of The Sarah West International Artistic.. Read More

Artistic Meditation- a Meditative Arts Initiative

Artistic Meditation A Meditative Arts Initiative The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art  presents Artistic Meditation, a meditative arts initiative brought to you by the Sarah West International Artistic Mentoring Program. Throughout our lives artists of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art have approached each step through life’s stages with mindfulness. Knowing that wholeness of being is where the true state of being begins; mindfulness has carried us to.. Read More

Drawing from Antiquity

At the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, artistic growth through the advancement of learning opportunities and encouraged independent research serves as an expanding continuum of the individual artist. As the panorama unfolds, we encourage our artists to embrace the opportunity to learn and explore different realms of creativity whether reflective of classical traditions or a result of our innovative progress towards arts future. Understanding the fundamentals of art is.. Read More

Movements & Scores Centuries Apart

The artist locks the door to the atelier, casts lighting upon her easel and a chosen score starts to play. Every work adapts to music’s tone. A mood is set which reflects the artist’s own. A score of tranquil fluidity shall commence, caressing the listener’s ears as paint from canvas drips. Palette knife swishes with scratchy overture. The brush quickly follows, smoothing out life’s messy bits. Unconcerned with audience or.. Read More

The Light Box presented by The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art

With Great Joy and Seasons Greetings The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art presents The Light Box     The Light Box is now available at the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art. Be sure to ask a gallery consultant about these insightful, creative and educational Workshop Events featuring The Light Box to be hosted within our Class Atelier in January 2016. Light Box Workshop Packages are Now Available. *while.. Read More