An Evening with Jim Avett- Life’s Shared Pages

An Evening with Jim Avett -Life’s Shared Pages- His voice bears the rugged charm of the American landscape. His constitution reflects that of a man from a different age. With a quiet walk he carries a vintage guitar and fine weathered books. His hat tipped low casts a shadow ‘cross his face; behind familiar frames lies a distant gaze. Whether standing on the mid-west plains, an Appalachian ridge or his.. Read More

The Unfurling of Autumn- Fall Exhibition

The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art ┬ápresents The Unfurling of Autumn By Michele West The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art is proud to present The Unfurling of Autumn, the centrepiece of Michele West’s latest installation of interpretive flow paintings in ink. In honor of this exhibition and to mark the occasion The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art will featuring The Unfurling of Autumn as the gallery’s signature.. Read More