Farm to Table | Alabama

I retrieve an item from the shelf, pour over the label, searching for provenance. In the market I make choice selections discerning where my food comes from. Food from far off places evokes curiosity and exotic charm. Yet, food is worth further examination, compelling one to question the import label. At the local farm-stand, I choose fresh, just picked blueberries. Dark Prussian Blue gems with deepening blush of magenta still.. Read More

Winter Flatlands

Another painting completed. I remove it from the wooden board and pin the new gouache study on the studio wall. On the easel, I place a new large sheet of Arches. The evening light fades quickly. In the last moments of dusk light I pencil a sketch inspired by a winter landscape just down the road. On one recent outing, I took a back road across several nearby hunting plantations… Read More

Art is Activism | Tis the Season for Giving

This holiday season artists of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts reflect upon the many experiences and opportunities that we have been honored to be a part of and most importantly all that we have been honored to share with others. Ten years ago, when we set out on this journey, we did so never looking toward an anticipated end or finale;  instead, with.. Read More

A Place for Music

Each year the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, a Center for Cultural Arts strives to add new events, programs and gatherings to our list of Cultural Arts Enrichment Initiatives. Through our Cultural Arts Enrichment Initiative Program, we’ve found ways to collaborate with members of our community, government leaders and cultural advocates. Through collaborative involvements the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has brought unique cultural experiences and educational programs.. Read More