A Place for Music

Each year the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, a Center for Cultural Arts strives to add new events, programs and gatherings to our list of Cultural Arts Enrichment Initiatives. Through our Cultural Arts Enrichment Initiative Program, we’ve found ways to collaborate with members of our community, government leaders and cultural advocates. Through collaborative involvements the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has brought unique cultural experiences and educational programs.. Read More

Influences of Terrain

Dew drops cling to the spider’s web. Moss carpets stones along the riverbed. Leaves of green and brown lay upside down. I walk upon the pebbled paths. The clouds linger low in the valley between Clayton and Rabun. Newly staked rows of ripening tomatoes remind one that there are still many hot summer days ahead. Yet, the crisp balmy air chills the elevating atmosphere. The road winds and bends for.. Read More

Craftsmanship | Natural Construction

I draw back the curtain, letting in the morning light. The kitchen is awash in a pale hue of butter yellow. The kettle is a fire-engine red with polished lacquer. I run water, turn on the stove and listen for the subtle sounding poof, as it ignites. The kettle is warmed until it whistles. I whisk batter and pour dollops onto the skillet, and add a light dash of cinnamon as it.. Read More

Time Restored

Amid travels, studio classes and a series of varying engagements, I’m informed of an impending deadline before the first visitor of the day. I open the gallery early, and make preparations to receive guests. One morning each week, I clear my itinerary and welcome visitors to stop in, sit and talk awhile over coffee. All summer I’ve enjoyed this tradition. It has presented me with unique opportunities to become better.. Read More

Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile Late one Sunday night I lay awake with questions spinning round, pondering thoughts likened to “should I stay of should I go?” In past weeks, I’d made thoughtful preparations and networked with a designer in the northwest corner of the state. In previous correspondence, I’d set an appointment for the next day, to visit the designer in studio, preview designs and purchase a garment. Initially, I.. Read More

Taking Fine Art Education into Alabama Schools

This Spring, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art debuted the Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Program in participating local Alabama schools, providing area school children with the opportunity of Fine Art Education and Cultural Arts Involvements beyond their school day. As Smiths Station Alabama’s premiere fine art destination, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has continually aspired to increase culturally relevant and educationally sustainable opportunities for our community and.. Read More

The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art | Introducing New Design

As Smiths Station Alabama’s premiere fine arts destination, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has served the greater Chattahoochee Valley and surrounding region as a Center for Cultural Arts for ten years. As we begin a new season filled with milestone celebrations, we look back in retrospect. We reflect upon the path that has been forged and look ahead toward a new horizon, and with new opportunities we explore.. Read More

Sustainability | Arts & Activism in Rural Alabama

Sustainability Recently I drove down some familiar Alabama back roads to visit a farmer. On the drive, I turned to Michele West and said, “if I could determine the outcome of this farm visit, the one thing that I would hope for most of all is to simply meet someone with a purpose-driven, passion and commitment to their cause for the right reasons. I want to know that someone else.. Read More

Community Journal

Community Journal Enlightened by modern times we grow more aware of the faith placed in technological devices and varying outlets of communication. We live in an age with more access at our fingertips than any generation before, and daily a headline or article reminds us that we possess the power to use those resources to our advantage. If we do employ these inventions for their utilitarian use, they might propel.. Read More

The Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Program | Coming Soon to Your School

The Sarah West Artistic Mentoring Program for Continued Fine Art Education announces a milestone event this Spring. As part of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art’s Cultural Arts Enrichment Initiative, gallery founders, Sarah West and Michele West have aspired to offer more to the community, state and region in the realms of Culturally Enriched Opportunities and Involvements, surrounding the arts. Each year the artists strive to integrate new experiences.. Read More