Historic Jones Store Museum Opening |Smiths Station, AL |an ALABAMA 200 Event

The doors creak. The clattering of footsteps upon century old floor boards echo the tap, tap, tapping, the coming and going of people from past we wish we could have known. White washed walls, exterior buttercream, red tin roof, and a painted sign pronounces the establishment’s namesake. Red and white simplicity. I imagine a bygone era. The steam engine barreling down the tracks, as the incoming mail bag is dropped.. Read More

the Civility Paintings | Alabama State Capitol Exhibition

The Civility Paintings debut exhibition, presented by the Alabama State Capitol in collaboration with the Alabama Historic Commission present, an ALABAMA 200 Finale event commemorating the stories of our people, places and path to statehood. This Alabama State Capitol hosted exhibition debuts the Civility paintings by Alabama artist, Sarah West. Marking the bicentennial finale at the Alabama State Capitol, this occasion bridges the year 2019 marking the conclusion of the.. Read More

Vesper | ALABAMA 200 Exhibition

ALABAMA 200 Exhibition | Opening Summer 2019 July 12th- September 12th, 2019 Smiths Station City Hall Art Galleries Curated by The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts Vesper | opening exhibition will host debut exhibit for the recent installment within the “Civility series,” an ongoing collection of narrative paintings by Alabama artist, Sarah West. This debut exhibition serves as an endorsed ALABAMA 200 event, “commemorating stories.. Read More

Farm to Table | Texas Flavor, Alabama Chef

Spring showers drip through the greening canopy as the car glides lazily around the curvaceous landscaped urban lanes near East Samford. A stone facade pays homage to drier climate, and tells tale of influence from a western terrain. Timber and rock serve as visual compliment to aroma’s that drift beyond the curb, hot and savory. You can almost taste it. We stand in line surrounded by pictorial hunting stories shared.. Read More

Farm to Table | Alabama

I retrieve an item from the shelf, pour over the label, searching for provenance. In the market I make choice selections discerning where my food comes from. Food from far off places evokes curiosity and exotic charm. Yet, food is worth further examination, compelling one to question the import label. At the local farm-stand, I choose fresh, just picked blueberries. Dark Prussian Blue gems with deepening blush of magenta still.. Read More

White | Yellow | Blue

    The white bowl, paint of sunflower yellow, little hands swirl paint brushes turning clear water yellow. From sunny hues to colors like creamy butter, children relate the colors to things found in in familiar places, their garden, their room or cupboard. Then our conversation addresses how we mindfully use the water. “Do you know what nature conservancy means” I ask them. Some raise their hands and offer their.. Read More

#Smiths Station Strong | Alabama State Capitol Exhibit

#Smiths Station Strong | a special exhibition opens at the Alabama State Capitol. During the months of April -May 2019 visitors to the Alabama State Capitol will have the opportunity to view an art work installation curated by the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts, featuring nearly 900 paintings created by students and educators of West Smiths Station Elementary School during the week of their.. Read More

Outreach during Disaster Relief

It’s late on Friday night at the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts. Since last Sunday, the roar of passing trucks carrying Disaster Relief to Tornado Victims has overcome the sound of the occasional train. Flashing lights designating “Help Center Ahead” glow along Lee Road 430, our town’s mainstreet. Blue tarps blanket roof tops, while the rubble of demolished homes set along the roadside wait.. Read More

Outpouring | Supporting a Community

On Sunday March 3rd, our community of Smiths Station, and neighboring communities to the West and East of us experienced terror, devastation and loss. In the aftermath of an EF4 tornado, and numerous other small cell tornadoes (each with their own intensity,) we gather together to pick of the pieces, while comforting those that grieve the loss of loved ones, whole families, homes and livelihoods. The news of this tragedy.. Read More

A Place of Comfort

As we reach out to help people of our community and surrounding areas recover and heal during the aftermath of the Lee County Storms, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts will offer A Place of Comfort to anyone in need. For anyone in need of a place of comfort, shared support, a shoulder to lean on, a moment of peace and tranquility, artists of.. Read More