Peaceful Energy Flows through Artistic Meditation

artistic meditation

As we make ourselves busy around the studio and gallery today, we are preparing to introduce a new progam and it is wonderful to have a space to breathe. Today we are sharing what we have found to be a treasure for life and one of our greatest helps. Our breath is our gift for life.

Many times in our culture we are afraid of what we have not experienced. Sometimes we miss out on things that are able to bring a greater quality to our life. I have met people who I thought looked odd, or unlike everyone around me. These people were on the street in a city and were sharing their resources with those that passed by. Many avoided them, or turned and walked in the opposite direction. I didn’t mind when they spoke kindly to me. I am not fearful of new experiences. I am always intrigued by others and what made an impact in their lives. My life has taken me through beginnings that caused me to have a firm belief about myself and my life. This comes with knowing your center and from where all of your life comes.

Some years ago our path led us to the experience of meditation. We were guided in this practice of finding our breath by a beautiful soul who was full of wisdom, peace, and calm. This person had a wonderful approach and pointed me in the direction of another, who enlightened me with a even greater understanding of the meditative process. The more I listened, the more I found that it had nothing to do with the common idea that you have to relinquish your religious preference, shave your head, or wear a robe. I found a great respect displayed for all beliefs. Although I have much to learn, life is a growing experience until we breathe or experience our last breath, I found profound simple truths that are in every being on Earth. We may differ in race, placement, opinions, and many other things, but we all have a common thread. We exist as we are through our breath. Our breath has to be our bodies most precious asset, our essential element to live.

Our breath comes natural to us but circumstances which we allow to affect us, come and restrict our breath and even take breaths away. Beginning simple methods of awareness through whatever means that work for you is important to sustain the practice of recognizing your breath. You may start by using simple acts. You may hear a bell, it may be the movement of brushing a wispy hair behind your ear, or the simplicity every time you stand or sit, use these simple act to invite yourself to breathe. When you bring this simplicity into your awareness,  you will notice the difference it makes.

Here at The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, we share the goodness of life that comes our way. We pass along what we know to be helpful through personal experience and an instilled practice. We have found that some of the greatest issues that we encounter on a daily basis is the loss of the ability to focus, the carrying of heavy stress, and the absence of a peaceful calm. These issues are brought about by the current culture and time we are surrounded in each day. When the ability to focus is misplaced or seemingly lost, when you are unable to feel the peace and happiness that calm brings, you suffer in so many ways. Through learning, establishing, and  practicing in our own lives,  we have found simple and meaningful ways to re-establish the connection. It is because of these needs that we have developed an artistic meditative program that will be a help for both youth and adults. This is a simple artistic process that will be a means to establish a connection that will remind us to find our breath and breathe with awareness, to better cope with our demanding lifestyles. We will enjoy hearing the many stories of how it assists youth in their classroom academics and in social interaction, to the results it brings adults in their everyday. It is our hope that in sharing we are planting a seed that will continue to grow organically and sustain our lives with the best quality in living.  It is one more good thing that we look forward to sharing with you, that is attainable in every breath.

We invite you to enjoy practicing mindfulness with us in our Artistic Meditative Sessions.

Art is Life Expressed- Michele West