¬† Another trip around the sun, a planetary orbit shifts. Stars align as I work feverishly into the night. At a frantic pace I write of things as they come. An impending deluge of thought, ideas pour in and I attempt to record them all before they are gone. They are all tied together. Like the magician’s silk scarf, one idea lends itself to another. Seemingly endless is this renaissance.

I piece particles together, and weave storylines. Amid this process, I realize that all of it is comprised of events and experiences within my life. Write from what you know and capture your own time, are prominent rules that I live by. When you awaken to a grounded state of consciousness, like the stars, these thoughts align. In retrospect your life’s timeline begins to make sense. ¬†Frustrations dissipate, and the strenuous uphill climb fades, just as you prepare to climb again. All experiences, good and bad, form the complex tapestry from which our life illustrations are read. Like clock hands, we circle back around to the time where we began. Things are different now. Our skill of navigation has been tested, and we’ve explored many uncharted directions. All of this conditions us for the next voyage, as we peer further into the distance.

The events of my time reflect the delicate hours of life, the revolving cycle reaffirms resilience and reborn ability to thrive. The stars and the sun burn brighter this year illuminating our way, as we journey onward and stronger still. Into the night, I record my thoughts, convictions and compose paint-worthy sketches. Perhaps these might ignite the spark that lights the night for the next time traveler.

—Art is Life Expressed— Sarah West