100% Sustainable | SIGNATURE STUDIO APPAREL by Sarah West

Nearly twenty years ago, I began a journey to create something unique. I designed, measured and cut my first pattern from scratch, and stitched the rendering together on my very first sewing machine. I circle back in memory when something in present evokes a sentiment I’ve felt before. Only it’s like the T.S Eliot quote, ” …to arrive back where we started and know the place for the first time.”.. Read More

Sarah West | Releases paintings “The Light Keepers” during COVID-19

Today is Day 10, my tenth day of voluntary confinement. It has been ten days since I last taught an art class. On Monday March 16th, I released an official statement regarding the postponement of all classes hosted by The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, A Center for Cultural Arts until further notice. For additional information on related matters, I invite you to click and read my blog posted.. Read More

Stewards in the Field

The frigid temperatures and winter rains keep us bound to the indoors, until clouds part revealing a sky swept to January blue. Fields of umber colored grasses and wheat straw crunch beneath one’s shoes. The sound of each step is amplified by air frosty and clear. Just below the surface earth renewed life tempts to emerge. I walk aware, awakened by recognition of this. Often, I reexamine patterns formed in.. Read More