An Evening with Jim Avett- Life’s Shared Pages

An Evening with Jim Avett -Life’s Shared Pages- His voice bears the rugged charm of the American landscape. His constitution reflects that of a man from a different age. With a quiet walk he carries a vintage guitar and fine weathered books. His hat tipped low casts a shadow ‘cross his face; behind familiar frames lies a distant gaze. Whether standing on the mid-west plains, an Appalachian ridge or his.. Read More

The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art celebrates 7 years whilst painting the future with vibrant hues

Arriving to the studio, coffee in hand, I turn a key that I’ve turned time and time again. I take a deep breathe and silently say a prayer. Crossing the threshold with gratitude to live each day, the life that I’ve imagined, the life that I have painted. Twas over a decade ago that this journey truly began. Yet, just yesterday, a young student turned to me in studio, and.. Read More

“An Evening with Jim Avett” Pre-Show Reception, Gallery Exhibition & Limited Edition Fine Archival Print Release

“Limited Edition Fine Archival Print” featuring Jim Avett By Sarah West “An Evening with Jim Avett” Pre-Show Reception, Gallery Exhibition & Print Signing Thursday October 8th, 2015 at The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art Smiths Station, Alabama   The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art invites you to join us in celebration of our New Cultural Arts Enrichment Program & Artists Showcase- featuring singer/songwriter, musician and storyteller extraordinaire, Jim.. Read More

An Evening with Jim Avett, presented by The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art

Art extends beyond the visual. Intertwined are the worlds of Visual Art, Written Word, Music Composed and more. Passed down through the centuries, each yield themselves to preservation and conservation of our rich and diverse history. Our history, we feel should be shared, conserved and properly preserved for future generations. As owner of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, I am delighted to announce a new program which will.. Read More

Blog hosted by Michele West

Michele West, co-founder and resident artist of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, and contributing artist to will continually offers posts, blogs and written works of artistic thought here. We invite you to check back often for the very latest.

Command to be, Forgotten How to Breathe

The artist fights feverishly..longing to break through, unaware of what is calling to one from beyond. The artist presses on. Currents surge through the spirit at the most unsuspecting of times. Unknowing what to do, the artist begins to work, clueless as to where this compelling event might lead. Struggles often surface when there is a deep call to create. A metal block, is what some may call it, others.. Read More